2024 Pricing

  • Rod & Reel Repair
  • Custom Rods
  • Custom Crankbaits

Reel Repair

The standard charge for freshwater bait caster reel servicing starts at $25 per reel. Additional costs are added if the reel is extremely dirty, corroded and extra time is needed in getting it back to operation.

Any parts needed are additional and must be approved by the customer.

Ben’s Reel Service is not responsible for parts breakage due to age or corrosion.

Bench Fee: If we begin work on your reel and it is then determined that it cannot be fixed due to obsolete/unavailable parts, a $15 bench fee will be assessed.

Rod Repair

We charge $15 per guide for a double-foot guide plus the cost of the guide. Single foot guides are $12 per guide plus the cost of the guide.

Tip replacement is $15. If you would like for us to wrap the tip, $2 is added to the cost. The cost of the tip is not included and is additional.

Each custom rod is priced on a project basis due to the wide range of options available in blanks, guides, reel seats, and grips.

We require that the components be paid for in advance before parts are ordered. The remaining balance will be for labor plus any unforeseen expenses.

Custom crankbaits start at $12 and up, depending on the type of crankbait and how the customer wants it painted. Many factors play into pricing custom crankbaits. It is best to call or schedule an appointment to come by and talk to us regarding your custom crankbait needs.